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Design Statement / Non-manifesto


My approach to furniture design, to each individual piece, is closely tied to my approach to art - through playful experimentation, with an emphasis on detail and form, and the use of unique materials coming together to create design objects that are aesthetically charged sculptural and functional works of art.


Being self-taught allows me to experiment with design freely and discover new ideas, approaching each piece from an "outsider's" perspective, and to be able to blur the lines in defining an object's intent and final use. A facet of this revolves around the humor of appropriating and transforming existing objects into new ones. By redefining an object’s original use, a new one can be created giving the object a new meaning in an entirely new context. Examples of this can be found in pieces such as the 40 Sq. Yards bench, Low-Tek table, Stack Table and 32/30 Seating unit.

​Taking cues from Mid-Century modernist art and industrial design, Danish craft, pop culture, science and technology, my work is infused with not only a diverse perspective, but also with a playful irony and optimism set within the context of a contemporary vernacular.

Chris Ferebee / 1999

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